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       1. Factors that Influence the Adoption of Online Banking Services in Hyderabad
Ghul Murtaza Maitlo, Zahid Hussain Kazi, Ambreen Khaskheley and Faiz M.Shaikh
Abstract | Pdf Category : Management    |   Sub Category : Finance
       2. Women Entrepreneurship Problems and Prospects a Study of State of Telangana
B.Sridevi and V.Maheshwar
Abstract | Pdf Category : Management    |   Sub Category : Organizational Behaviour
       3. A Review of Dental Biometrics from Teeth Feature Extraction and Matching Techniques
Ganesh Sable and Dipali Rindhe
Abstract | Pdf Category : Engineering    |   Sub Category : Electrical and Electronics
       4. Unitarizable and Uniformly Non-Amenable Groups
Ebrahim Nazari, Khodadad Fatahi, Sobhan Salimi, Hamid Reza Rostami, Farhad Fizi and Mozhgan Abasi Khodlan
Abstract | Pdf Category : Mathematical Sciences    |   Sub Category : Applied Mathematics
       5. Senesio Extract as Green Corrosion Inhibitor for Copper in Nitric Acid Solutions
A.S.Fouda, H.M.Kila, A. Attia and A.M.Salem
Abstract | Pdf Category : Chemical Sciences    |   Sub Category : Corrosion and Dye
       6. A Brief Report on Scale Independent Quantum Cosmology
U. V. S. Seshavatharam and S. Lakshminarayana
Abstract | Pdf Category : Physical Sciences    |   Sub Category : Space Science
       7. List of articles published in the month of June 2015
Abstract | Pdf Category : Table of Contents    |   Sub Category : 2015
       8. Surveying about Different Techniques that are involved in Machining Titanium Bars
Masoud Al Seyyedan
Abstract | Pdf Category : Engineering    |   Sub Category : Civil Engineering
       9. Separation Cordial Labeling for some Star and Bistar Related Graphs
Elachini V. Lal
Abstract | Pdf Category : Mathematical Sciences    |   Sub Category : Discrete Mathematics
       10. Characterization of 3 – Branched Starlike Spanning Tree of a Given Two Dimensional Mesh m(m, n)
Elachini V. Lal and Karakkattu S. Parvathy
Abstract | Pdf Category : Mathematical Sciences    |   Sub Category : Discrete Mathematics