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       1. Optimisation of diesel spray, combustion and emission characteristics of biofuel by varying injection pressure and timing in a DICI engine
Arumugam Sozhipillai, Pitchandi Kasi, Raghu Palani and Jeyabaskar Govindaraj
Abstract | Pdf Category : Engineering    |   Sub Category : Mechanical Engineering
       2. Change Detection in Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Images
Shantha Selvakumari R, Ramya R and Ramya PS
Abstract | Pdf Category : Engineering    |   Sub Category : Electrical and Electronics
       3. RF Front End Analysis for the Damage Rate of Low Noise Amplifiers
R.Shantha Selva Kumari and S.G.Keerthika
Abstract | Pdf Category : Engineering    |   Sub Category : Electrical and Electronics
       4. The Effects of Wheat Straw Used as Mulch on Some Chemical Properties of the Soil and Grain Yield in Durum Wheat
Zekeriya Kara, Cengiz Yururdurmaz, Alihan Cokkizgin, Huseyin Keles and Engin Gonen
Abstract | Pdf Category : Agricultural Sciences    |   Sub Category : Agriculture
       5. Evaluation of Heavy, Toxic and Trace Metals Contamination in Fish, Seawater, Sediments and Sea shells of the Arabian Gulf Coastal, Kuwait.
Mohamed Saad Seoud, Yehia M. Abbas, Abd El-Fattah I. Helal, Safwat Salama, and Nassief A. Mansour
Abstract | Pdf Category : Environmental Sciences    |   Sub Category : Pollution
       6. Methods for Estimating the Mean with Imputation in Survey Sampling
Housila P. Singh and Anita Yadav
Abstract | Pdf Category : Mathematical Sciences    |   Sub Category : Statistics
       7. Non-traumatic rupture of the spleen in a case
Kapoli Wetshi Alphonse, Kapoli Mateleka Marco, Madiela Maluinda Daddy, EbalantshimJp and KapoliIsheleka Jean-Marie
Abstract | Pdf Category : Medical Sciences    |   Sub Category : Physiology and Anatomy
       8. Pollinators of Pentas Lanceolata, Kalasamala, Kerala, South India
Regeena Edakkalathur Francis, Kanitha Christy Inbaraj, Gunasekaran Chinnappan, Rajkumar Vallavan, Amita Paul Cheruvathur
Abstract | Pdf Category : Life Sciences    |   Sub Category : Applied Zoology
       9. List of articles published in the month of May 2021
Abstract | Pdf Category : Table of Contents    |   Sub Category : 2021