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       1. A Sparsity-Independent Greedy Compressive Sensing algorithm for Cognitive Radio: A subjective approach
Charushila Axay Patel, C. H. Vithalani and Preetida V. Jani
Abstract | Pdf Category : Engineering    |   Sub Category : Electrical and Electronics
       2. Effects of Credit Risk and Loan Repayment on Profitability of Kenya Power
Alison Namwakira and Nagib Omar
Abstract | Pdf Category : Management    |   Sub Category : Finance
       3. Project Based Factors Influencing the Supply of Safe Water in Kenya.(A Case of Mombasa County)
Jackton Omondi Olali and Frida Simba
Abstract | Pdf Category : Management    |   Sub Category : Project and Quality
       4. Factors Affecting Staff Turnover in Commercial Banks- A Survey of Kenya Commercial Bank in Mombasa County
Anita K Shako and Lucy Gichinga
Abstract | Pdf Category : Management    |   Sub Category : Finance
       5. Inventory Challenges Facing the Performance of Logistic Firms in Kenya: A Case of Freight Forwarders Kenya Limited
Nyaribo Job Rodgers and Kavale Stanley
Abstract | Pdf Category : Management    |   Sub Category : Finance
       6. Strategic Management Factors Affecting Performance of Thermal Power Generation Companies in Kenya
Jackson Omondi Okumu and Anwar Hood
Abstract | Pdf Category : Management    |   Sub Category : Finance
       7. The Role of Customer Satisfaction on Customer Retention in the Kenyan Insurance Industry
Catherine Ochung and Benedict Mutuku
Abstract | Pdf Category : Management    |   Sub Category : Marketing
       8. Effect of Competitive Strategies on Sustainable Competitive Advantage of Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies in Kenya (A survey of Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies in Mombasa County)
Jane Ndumi Ngugi and Titus Kisingu
Abstract | Pdf Category : Management    |   Sub Category : Finance
       9. Influence of Market Focus Strategy and Cost Leadership Strategy on Organizational Performance of Hotels in Kenya (A Survey of Hotels in Mombasa County)
Susan Bukirwa And Titus Kisingu
Abstract | Pdf Category : Management    |   Sub Category : Organizational Behaviour
       10. Effect of Money Transfer System on the Economic Growth of Somalia: Case Study, Central Bank of Somalia, Supervision Department
Abdulle Abdullahi Haji and Fridah Theuri
Abstract | Pdf Category : Management    |   Sub Category : Finance