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       1. A Brief Analysis of the Application of Happy Physical Education in College Physical Education
MA Xiao-hua
Abstract | Pdf Category : Educational Research    |   Sub Category : Educational Technology
       2. Investigation of the deformation behavior of 7075 aluminum alloy under backward extrusion process for producing conical parts
S.Sefiddashti, B.Manafi , F.Abdi and M.Lak chalespari
Abstract | Pdf Category : Engineering    |   Sub Category : Mechanical Engineering
       3. Social Media and Innovation Imperatives for Small Business Sustainability
Nyamboli Bongsha
Abstract | Pdf Category : Arts and Humanities    |   Sub Category : Social Studies
       4. Reverse Engineering - A constant challenge to maintain originality
Gourav Vivek Kulkarni
Abstract | Pdf Category : Engineering    |   Sub Category : Mechanical Engineering
       5. Using Double ARA Integral Transform in Solving Integral-Differential Equations
Mohand M. Mahgob
Abstract | Pdf Category : Mathematical Sciences    |   Sub Category : Applied Mathematics
       6. The course of fistulizing Crohn's disease excluding ano-perinéal lésions (APL) on biotherapy
Salma Douihi Touzani, Hicham El Bacha, Nadia Benzzoubeir and Ikram Errabih
Abstract | Pdf Category : Medical Sciences    |   Sub Category : Physiology and Anatomy
       7. Evaluation of Cheese Quality from Three Coagulants
Dari L.and Appah J.K.
Abstract | Pdf Category : Life Sciences    |   Sub Category : Food Science
       8. List of articles published in the month of January 2023
Abstract | Pdf Category : Table of Contents    |   Sub Category : 2023