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       1. Studies on Morphometric Evaluation of Symbiotic Cyanobiont in two Species of Azolla Fern
Mahalingam.P.U, Muniappan.K and Therasammal.M
Abstract | Pdf Category : Life Sciences    |   Sub Category : Biosciences
       2. Assessment of Brinjal (Solanum melongena L.) cv. G.H. B.-1under FLD in Panchmahal district of Western India
Raj Kumar, B.S. Khadda, J.K. Jadav, A. K. Rai, S. Khajuria and K. Lata
Abstract | Pdf Category : Agricultural Sciences    |   Sub Category : Agriculture
       3. Feasibility study on Low Cost Method for analysis of Sulphur Dioxide in Ambient Air
K.L.Prakash and Punit Goyal
Abstract | Pdf Category : Environmental Sciences    |   Sub Category : Pollution
       4. PM Modi: Media Effect on Performance Rating
Francis Philip Barclay and C. Pichandy
Abstract | Pdf Category : Arts and Humanities    |   Sub Category : Social Studies
       5. “Patent Ductus Caroticus”- embryological basis and its clinical significance
Ganesh Elumalai, Sushma Chodisetty, Bridget Omo Usen and Rozminabanu Daud Patel
Abstract | Pdf Category : Medical Sciences    |   Sub Category : Physiology and Anatomy
       6. Study of adsorption of copper Cu (II) ions from wastewater using neem (Azadirachta Indica) leaf powder
N. Annapurna Devi and G.B. Radhika
Abstract | Pdf Category : Environmental Sciences    |   Sub Category : Pollution
       7. Study on influence of Women Status on contraception prevalence in EAG states
Mritunjay P. Singh, A. Bharti, K. K. Pandey and R. D. Singh
Abstract | Pdf Category : Mathematical Sciences    |   Sub Category : Statistics
       8. Environmental awareness and its impact on behavioural habits of rural and urban population- with special reference to Chidambaram Taluk, Cuddalore Dist. Tamilnadu
Manu P. Pathak, Pandit Gangshetty and R.V Gangshetty
Abstract | Pdf Category : Environmental Sciences    |   Sub Category : Pollution
       9. Effect on Violence at organizational society, its causes and remedies; Evidence from province Punjab, Pakistan
Aadil Amjad and Abdul Basat
Abstract | Pdf Category : Management    |   Sub Category : Organizational Behaviour
       10. Speakers Mood: perspective on students Communicative Genre
Bulus Wayar and Florence Ogunjimi
Abstract | Pdf Category : Arts and Humanities    |   Sub Category : Literature