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       1. Coaching Games as Challenging Class of Behavioural Approaches
Saadia El Obadi
Abstract | Pdf Category : Arts and Humanities    |   Sub Category : Social Studies
       2. A Comparative study on the origin of Chinese and Mongolian Idioms
Erdenezaya Tserenkhuu
Abstract | Pdf Category : Arts and Humanities    |   Sub Category : Language and Testing
       3. Challenges & New Trends in Beneficiation of phosphate ores review Article
Khaled E.Yassin, Rasha Amin and Fatma H. Abd EL-Rahiem
Abstract | Pdf Category : Chemical Sciences    |   Sub Category : Applied Chemistry
       4. Comparison of Cloud Services offered by Cloud Leaders: AWS, Azure and Google Cloud
Sandeep Kumar, Dr. Rahul Mishra, Praful Saxena and Neeraj Kumar Verma
Abstract | Pdf Category : Computing and Informatics    |   Sub Category : Computer Engineering
       5. Congenital cystic dilatation of main bile ducts: A case report
Amine Cherraqi , Jihane El Mandour, Hassan Doulhousne, and Abdelghani El Fikri
Abstract | Pdf Category : Medical Sciences    |   Sub Category : Physiology and Anatomy
       6. Use of delivery interventions in basic maternity units in the city of Kindu in the Democratic Republic of Congo: "Major challenge for improving the quality of intrapartum care for a positive birth experience
Bakangana Mungu A, Rosebella Onyango O, Olela Loseke M, Tagoto Tepungipame A, Assani Wakenge B and Ambambula Yalala O
Abstract | Pdf Category : Arts and Humanities    |   Sub Category : Social Studies
       7. Physicochemical and microbial properties of Dredged Oyibo River in Ehime Mbano, Imo State, Nigeria
Ugochukwu, Tobechi Ijeoma, Okereke, Josepath Nwabueze, Chukwudi, Peter and Nduka, Chidimma Adamma
Abstract | Pdf Category : Life Sciences    |   Sub Category : Bio Technology
       8. Chemical Evaluation and Quantum Analysis of Methanol Extracts of Costus lucanusianus as Corrosion Inhibitors for Mild Steel and Aluminium in 1 M HCl Solution
Obot, A. S., Boekom, E. J., Obot, I. B., Ita, B. N. and Azubuike, A. C.
Abstract | Pdf Category : Chemical Sciences    |   Sub Category : Corrosion and Dye
       9. High air CO concentration associated with altered RBCs Hemoglobin, and PCV: Metrologicstudy Sudan 2013 -2014
Zainab Bashir Ali, Mohammed Abd Alsalam Nurein and Mohamed Salah Elmagzoub
Abstract | Pdf Category : Environmental Sciences    |   Sub Category : Pollution
       10. Exploration of a Digital Technology Adoption Among Indigenous People in Guyana
Volda Elliott
Abstract | Pdf Category : Educational Research    |   Sub Category : Educational Technology