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       1. The variation of age, hair type and body condition score with sperm morphology and cation concentration in yankasa ram
Akpa, G.N, Suleiman, I.O, Alphonsus, C and Adu, O A
Abstract | Pdf Category : Life Sciences    |   Sub Category : Biosciences
       2. Essential and toxic element present in clay obtained from Ghanaian Market
E.D. Doe, A. Awua, S.E.A. Achoribo, N.A.K. Adu-Bobi, S. Donko, I. Baidoo, N.S. Opata, A.G.Ampong
Abstract | Pdf Category : Life Sciences    |   Sub Category : Biosciences
       3. Andrew Chesterman. On the idea of a theory Across Languages and Cultures
Aida Afarinesh
Abstract | Pdf Category : Arts and Humanities    |   Sub Category : Linguistics & Translation
       4. Job satisfaction: the comparison between school-leavers and college graduates
Wirawani Kamarulzaman and Mohamad Sahari Nordin
Abstract | Pdf Category : Educational Research    |   Sub Category : Social Sciences
       5. Synthesis, spectroscopic characterization and In-vitro antibacterial properties of some metal(II) complexes of schiff bases containing aminoindane moiety
A.A. Osowole and A.O. Daramola
Abstract | Pdf Category : Chemical Sciences    |   Sub Category : Applied Chemistry
       6. Detection of genetically modified material using immunoblot (Dot Blot)
Ibrahim Khalil Adam, Bello Aminu Bello and Abubakar A. Musa
Abstract | Pdf Category : Life Sciences    |   Sub Category : Bio Technology
       7. A personality trait and workplace deviant behaviors
Othman Mohd Yunus, Khalizani Khalid and Shahrina Md Nordin
Abstract | Pdf Category : Management    |   Sub Category : Organizational Behaviour
       8. Re-design of irradition channels in americium-beryllium (Am-Be) neutron irradiation facility in NNRI using MCNP
R.G. Abrefah, R.B.M. Sogbadji, B.J.B. Nyarko, E.H.K. Akaho, E. Ampomah-Amoako, E. Mensimah
Abstract | Pdf Category : Engineering    |   Sub Category : Thermal Engineering
       9. Research on the cultivation of the enterprise’s sustainable competitive advantage
Wen Xin, Zhao Xinan and Jia Jianfeng
Abstract | Pdf Category : Arts and Humanities    |   Sub Category : Literature
       10. The impact of mergers on efficiency of banks in Pakistan
Talat Afza and Muhammad Usman Yusuf
Abstract | Pdf Category : Management    |   Sub Category : Finance